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True Tab

Artist:Arnee Hidalgo
Transcribed by: Walter Michael De la Cruz - Baguio City -

This is my 2nd tab in this song . kasi medyo may mga mali sa 1st n gnwa ko kya
ineditko uli. I assure u that this is 100% correct.

Chords Used:

        BM7                G#m               EM7              Ebm7
  |-----2-----|        |----4-----|       |----X----|     |----X----|
  |-----4-----|        |----4-----|       |----7----|     |----7----|
  |-----3-----|        |----4-----|       |----8----|     |----6----|
  |-----4-----|        |----6-----|       |----9----|     |----8----|
  |-----2-----|        |----6-----|       |----7----|     |----6----|
  |-----------|        |----4-----|       |----X----|     |----x----|

        A                  E5                  C#        
  |-----5-----|        |----x-----|       |----0----|  
  |-----5-----|        |----x-----|       |----0----|     
  |-----6-----|        |----9-----|       |----6----|    
  |-----7-----|        |----9-----|       |----6----|     
  |-----7-----|        |----7-----|       |----4----|   
  |-----5-----|        |----x-----|       |----X----|   

[ Tab from: ]

   Hah    hah    hah     hah..

Use here Plucking:
BM7        Ebm7
So true, funny how it seems

EM7             A 
Always in time, but never in line for dreams

BM7         Ebm7
Head over Heels when toe to toe

            G#m         E5
This is the sound of my soul

This is the sound

EM7                        BM7
I bought a ticket to the world

EM7                       BM7
But now i've come back again

Why do i find it hard to

write the next line

   EM7                        A
Oh i want the truth to be known

Refrain: (Plucking with strumming) 

BM7            G#m
Hah hah hah hah hah...

EM7           Ebm7          
I know this much is true

BM7            G#m
hah hah hah hah hah...

EM7           Ebm7    C#-A
i know this much is true

(Do satanza Chords)
With a thrill in my head
And a pill on my tongue
Disslove the nerves that have just begun
List'nin to Marvin(all night long)
This is the sound of my soul
This is the sound

Always slipping from my hands
sand's a time of its own
take your seaside arms
and write the next line
Oh i want the the truth to be known..

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