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Wedding Song Chords

Wedding Song
words and music by Arlo Guthrie

Intro: E   B   A
       E   B   E     A   

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E     B     A       E
 Poor Adam alone in Eden
        B       A
 Taking off his shoes
E         B        A         E
 Tired of running around all morning
F#m                   B
 From his animal interviews
A    E           F#m         E
 He awoke with a hand on his brow
        B       A     
 Asking who are you
C#m             G#m           A       E
 They spent the rest of their lives together
F#m             B
 Making their debuts
A           G#m        F#m     E 
 Dressed in leaves and wearing blues

Some say one thing, some say two
Ain't much about it anyone can do
Keep on walking till my soles wear through
Wearing away my shoes
Evening comes and the sky turns red
Clouds of colors cover up our heads
Ain't it something just to lie here in bed
Just me and you

Oh Mary, wrapped up in glory
What are you going to tell your groom
How's he going to feel on the day of your wedding
What will your friends assume
Oh, but Joseph and Mary were married
The angels carried the news
What the Lord has joined together
The world must not undo

There's a wedding down at the church this morning
Let's uo wish them well
It's a beautiful day for getting married
I hope the weather lasts as well
It's been years since we've been married
I know we paid some dues
Now ain't it something just to lie here together
Just me and you
Outlasting the blues