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Telephone Chords

words and music by Arlo Guthrie

C                     F 
Every morning just as soon as it's light
G                      C
Get out of bed and I'm feeling alright
Make me some coffee and I sit down alone
    G                                 C
The rest of the day I'm on the telephone
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C        F
Hang up, hold on
G                             C
You got a dime so you come on so strong
Save your money and let me be
G                                    C
Hang up the phone and quit bothering me

I got a phone in my bedroom and one in the barn
A phone in my car and one in the yard
A phone on my saddle for when I'm out on the range
A phone in my pocket for when I'm down at the grange


Now with devaluation all over the land
The whole wide world has got more money in their hand
They'll be calling me up from Peking and Nome
I'm going to rip out my telephone