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I Cry Chords

I Cry
CD: Ark 9  "Wake Up" not yet released
Words by Zac Smith
Music by Steve Woolsey
Transcribed by: S. Woolsey

  E               Am              D                Bm
E-----------------------------------------------------------------| (2x)

E       Am             D
 What I do, and what I say
        Bm           E
 No one cares, so go away
        Am              D
 People come and people go
         Bm                   E
 Get out now, or you'll never know
Am                 D
 What coulda' been, what shoulda' been
Bm                 E
 What's never been, what would've been

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G        D                 Em
 I don't know just what to do
C        G       D       G    D
 None for me it's all for you
G               D                  Em
 You aren't the person I thought I knew
C                 G            D       G    D
 Thought you were part of that special few
E      Am         D
 I was wrong, yet again
      Bm              E
About who you're deep within
              Am                     D
When no one's looking, when no one's there
             Bm              E
You act just like you do not care..

E       Am                D
 Do you love me as I love you?
            Bm               E
 You always tell me that you do
               Am               D
 We're sinking fast, so hold on tight
      Bm             E
 Am I in your dreams tonight?
         Am             D
 Fool me once, shame on you
         Bm              E
 Fool me twice, shame on me
 You're not the person who..
D          Bm
 You're supposed to be
E                Am                    D
 I'm sick of the tension, can't live a lie
              Bm               E    Am   D  Bm   E   Am  D  Bm
 Sometimes it makes me want to die...          I cry


E        Am             D
 I don't care, what you say
         Bm          E
 Get out now just go away
        Am                  D
 Let me be, cause I need to see
                  Bm                       E
 how things would be, without you here for me..

..Am, D, Bm,           E, Am, D, Bm,         E, Am, D, Bm,          E
             here for me            here for me            here for me

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