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Settle For A Draw Chords

Arctic Monkeys - Settle for a draw

Tabbed by Scott page

D#M - (x68876)
F#4 - (x9,11,10,11,9)
B   - (799877)
Bb  - (688766)
C#m - (466544)
E#4  -(x79897)
B#4 - (x24342)

verse 1
D#M                  F#4
Well, I watch you tangle every weekend
B                               Bb
It might start different but it ends up the same
D#M                  F#4
One minute you're casually speaking
B                               Bb
The next it all goes up and you pull fletch up on the plane with your

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F#          B   Bb           D#M
Jelly can of    words and songs
D#M                        F#
Noone's gonna start a revolution
B            Bb       D#M
So why do we even moan?
D#M                                        F#              B Bb
And there's something that Frankie used to say, apparently
            B            Bb    D#4
Oh, he said settle for a draw
   c#m                         B
Cause you're not gonna get no more
              Bb            D#4    C#4
So you should settle for a draw
     B                 Bb    D#4
I've told you once I'm sure
     c#m                B               Bb             D#M
I've told you once I'm sure you should settle for the draw
                 C#m            B... let it ring!
Why don't you settle for the draw?

verse 2
Well you're right it is one set of rules for her
But then another set for you
But that's just the way it is, I suppose
And there's nowt you can do
And let's not fall in the trap of answering back
I am just a beginner
But I know she'll be the winner
That's for sure
So take the draw if it's available
And if it sets on fire

Don't get out your



B , Bb ,.........E#4 , D#M , B#4

I think this sounds better that the one befor.
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