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Truth Chords

CSUS           D
The dollar bar, I'm drinking
G           G3(regular G with index finger lifted)
with my feet in cement
CSUS         D
and fuck you, im leaving
G            G3
What she said, yea she meant
CSUS                             D
And dont develop thosed pictures, from our night spent at the lake
G                                 G3
You know i will jsut rip them up, except for the ones you said not to take

CSUS               D
And heres the truth

I am what you see
G        G3
But not anything that you need
CSUS           D
Im starting to shake so i'll wait,
G           G3
I'll take these pills to get better
I take three everyday.

Then it is the same all the way through.  The bridge is exactly like the chorus. have 
 If anyone can make it better please post it.
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