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Bumble Bees Chords

Intro and Bridge:

Ab                       Bb
 I know I'm not the only flower you see

Ab                           Fm
 But what can I do, you are a good looking bee
 Wham bam, thank you mam

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Eb        Bb  Ab       Bb    Eb
 Bumble bee,  bump into me
Bb      Ab         Bb  
 I am in for pollination
Eb        Bb  Ab         Bb      Eb
 Bumble bee,  take what you see
Bb      Ab       Bb  
 I'm in need for your donation
B        C#                    Eb
 I can't wait for your invasion


 Be my love
Bb                          Fm           Ab  Bb
 Cause I'm a single flower, feeling free

 Blooming now

Bb                   Fm            Ab Bb
 Take me honey, be my favorite bee

Cm                        Gm
 Hey Rose I'm ready again

             Ab                    Fm    Bb
 I've got my radar tuned in on you baby

Cm                             Gm 
 I'm all set and ready to land

 I'm the bomb , here I come

 Getting ready for a wham bam