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Hotel Cant Afford Ya Chords

This is an awesome and fun song to play, especially around Christmas since it tells the 
story as told in Luke.

Okay, so its really played the same way as Hotel California but its a lot easier and 
to just play the chords, and it sounds just as nice. I made sure to put all the chords in 
correct places. Have fun!

Hotel Can’t Afford Ya by Apologetix

Bm                        F#
From a dark desert highway, we pulled into the inn
A                        E
Rome called for a census, I was from Bethlehem
G                       D
Up above from a distance a star was giving me light
My wife was heavy ‘cause her child was due
We had to stop for the night

Bm                       F#
So I stood in the doorway of Bethlehem hotel
A                                       E
And I was thinking to myself "I hope to heaven they'll give me some help"
G                         D
But they told us no-can-do and they sent me away
Em                                       F#
"There's a place around the corner though where you both can stay"

G                            D
Welcome, but the hotel can't afford ya
       Em                     Bm
Such a lovely place but we're out of space
G                                   D
Ran out of room and the hotel can't afford ya
         E                     F#
It's the time of year with the census here
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Bm                            F#
My wife was definitely gifted, that's what the Lord's angel said
A                               E
She was about to have a baby boy while still virgin
G                               D
Spent the night in the barnyard, cheap slumlord's rent
Em                    F#
Some night to remember, some night to forget

Bm                               F#
So because of what happened I was grieving for my wife
I said "They probably haven't cleaned in here since B.C. 65"
G                              D
Animal voices were calling for straw and hay
Em                                            F#
Keeping you up through the middle of the night just as if to say…

G                            D
Welcome, but the hotel can't afford ya
       Em                      Bm
Such a lovely place, but we're out of space
G                                D
Holiday rush and the hotel can't afford ya
       Em                     F#
What a nice surprise for your silent night

(Play next verse quieter)
Bm                          F#
He was born that evening and shepherds came that night
             A                             E
And they said "We're all just visitors here of the Holy Christ"
G                            D
And in an ass's manger, they found the boy asleep
Em                             F#
They started getting teary eyed so they went back to their sheep

Bm                              F#
Last thing I remember there were wise men at the door
A                                     E
They had a bunch of packages from the place they were before
G                                       D
"We're late," said the wise men "We had problems Christmas Eve
Em                                     F#
We've been checking out your shiny light all through the Middle East"

Tabbed by Brian Mehlman