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Life Burns Chords

-----LIFE BURNS !------

This is a great Song from Apocalyptica Tabbed for guitar! :

e|----------| (8x)

Instead of the 0 you can play a powerchord (022) but i think so it's easier.

Em           D            Em
We break our enemies with fear and 
      C            D           Em
We've seen how the tears come around 
C              D            Em
We build our confidence on wasteland 
      C        D               Em
We've seen how the walls come down 

[play the intro a few times]
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/a/apocalyptica/life_burns_crd.html ]
G                 F#
A man dies like a butterfly
Em                  D                      C
Life burns from the touch of the Reaper 
D               Em
All things must pass 

[play the intro a few times]
G               F#
One love is crooked lie
Em                   D                   C
The world lies in the hands of evil 
   D             Em
We pray it would last 

[play the intro a few times]
Em         D                Em
We have no sympathy for the lost souls 
     C           D        Em
We've chosen the path of disgrace
    C        D           Em
We give this life to our children
    C             D        Em 
And teach them to hate this place