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Anna Chords

Intro: F-Dm-bb-Gm-C-;(2x)

  F          Dm
I long to tell you
    F       Dm
How much I need you
  bb                         F(/A)
If I could find the words to say
    bb                  F(/A)
I'd never have to feel this way
     bb                 F(/A)             DM7-C7(sus)
Not knowin' just what to do when I'm with you

    F             Dm
My friends, they tell me
     F                   Dm
That I could shouldn't hurry
            bb               F(/A)
Yet this feelin' keep goin' strong
          bb           F(/A)
'Cause you keep it goin' on
          bb             A
Though I have to say how much I love you
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  D         Bm                  GM7
(Oh) Anna, can't you tell me and see
            Em7  A7(sus)
What you're doin to me
     D          Bm                  GM7
Oh, Anna, this feelin' I just can't hide
        Em7        A7(sus)
Keeps drivin' me wild
    D        Bm              GM7
Oh Anna, I need you here with me
  Em7           A7(sus)
I wish it could be.
   D    Bm    GM7
Oh Anna, won't you stay with me?

(Do 2nd Stanza Chord Pattern)
Your eyes they look through me
Your smile, they did push me
I've never thought I'd love again
But this time I hope it never ends
I have to tell you know how I love you.

(Repeat Chorus 2x except "Ooohh")

(Do Chords Pattern)

Oh, Anna

Coda: (Fade)

(Repeat Chorus)