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Apossibly Tab

Artist: The Apex Theory
Song: Apossibly
Album: Topsy-Turvy
Transcribed by: Tyler Sartin

This is a fairly easy song.  He only uses about 4 riffs the entire song.


He uses a slight delay during the intro.  You can play this intro many ways
for instance, you can do the entire intron on the E string, but its easier
if you do it like this:

E ----17--15h17--13h15--------------------------------------------------
B ----------------------17h18--15h17--14--14h15p14----------------------
G ---------------------------------------------------14-----------------
D ----------------------------------------------------------------------
A ----------------------------------------------------------------------
D ----------------------------------------------------------------------

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/a/apex_theory/apossibly_tab.html ]
E ----------------------------------------------------------------------
B ----------------------------------------------------------------------
G ----------------------------------------------------------------------
D ---8--8-8----0-0-0--7-7-7-7----8-8-8-8--0-0-0--7-7-7-7----------------
A ---8--8-8----0-0-0--7-7-7-7----8-8-8-8--0-0-0--7-7-7-7----------------
D ---8--8-8----0-0-0--7-7-7-7----8-8-8-8--0-0-0--7-7-7-7----------------

The verse is very simple, it is just variations of the opening lick:

E ---15h17---15h17---15---15h17---------------

That kinda stuff

That is pretty much it, he playes each riff a few more times and thats the whole song!

Simply breathtaking...

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