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Easy Bake Work Out Bass Tab

song: EaSy BaKe WoRk OuT  from their "yet to be realesed" album
Artists: The Apes Of Wrath
tabber: MaStEr TaBbEr ZiNn
reach me @ Madhouse71@Hotmail.com
  This is my first tab, so bare with me.
I'll take this time to introduce myself. The name's Zinn. I play in the band 
called Half Baked. We tour around the north shore of Mass. and play night 
clubs in Boston. You'll probably hear more about us after high school in a 
few years. If u wanna learn more about us go to 
well, enough said, here's the tab....

   I guarantee that you will hear a lot from these guys in the upcoming 
years. This is a band that with age, will hit it big and broaden their 
publicity and span out from Boston. well here it is.
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play this sort of fast.standard tunning let the g ring at end then repeat.
    continued from there^^^^^^

that's the basic riff, you'll have to hear the song and play with it. I 
heard from the National Enquirer that the song isn't finsihed yet so these 
notes are subject to change.
I'd like to have a summer tour this summer of 2000.
       If you are a band member of a band around or near Boston or on the 
East shore. E-mail me and we could possibly add you to our bill. We're on 
the BoRn AnD RaZeD tour going around different night clubs and earning cash. 
I'd LIke to have a big outdoor concert this summer. Well, c ya, e-mail me.