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Hope Theres Someone Chords

artist:antony and the johnsons
song:hope theres someone

hey hey

i have not found any antony and the johnsons sheet music or tabs anywhere
on the internet so i tried to work out the chords for hope theres someone

the lyrics are a guess too

this is completely by ear:

C                              Am                 G                F
hope theres someone who'll take care of me when i die where will i go

C                             Am                     G              F
hope theres someone who'll set my heart free nice to hold when i'm tired
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F                        Am        G       F
theres a ghost on the horizon when i go to bed

F                Am                     G           F
if i fall in his arms at night how will i rest my head

C                     Am                  G           F
oh i'm scared of the middle place between life and nowhere

C                    Am                  G             F
i dont want it i've got to go on left in there left in there

E5 F5 G5 A5 x4

there you go

if you have any questions email me at