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Everglade Chords

   / Antony and the Johnsons  /
  / Everglade                /
 / The Crying Light         /

This beautiful symphonic piece is based on simple piano chords.
I'm not going to transcribe the full score for this tab, so I'll
just leave you with the chords :)

| C#m | B | A | G#m |
| F#m | E | D | C# |

| F# | B | E | B |
| E | G#m |


 B + | C#m | G#7 |

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Symphony Finale:
 A (end on the E)

When I'm floating in the water
And your eyes are lilies all around
When I'm lying sweetly in my bed
The sun plays crystal with my eyes

Then I stop
My body stops crying for home
My limbs stop weeping for home

When I'm peeping in a parlour of trees
And the leaves are winking all around
I'm home, my heart sobs in my veins
But brains they play the softest games

Fingers kiss the string
Mouth taste the blade of everglade
Of everglade

Jon Sebastian Frederiksen - 1st /March /10
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