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Aeon Tab

   / Antony and the Johnsons  /
  / Aeon                     /
 / The Crying Light         /

 For the piano intro, check out my guitar pro tab of it.


This song is just this round of 8 bars repeated. Don't bother counting
the rounds - it's easier to just keep notice of the lyrics.

The guitar part here is recorded by two electric guitars with a little
overdrive. They're playing in unison, and it's one panned in either side,
which creates this massive sound.

 6/8                         4/8       6/8
  Eb            Db            Ab  Eb    Db
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  Fm            Cm            Eb            Eb*

*the guitar in the right speaker often plays a fill around
 here: it's just about strumming this Ebsus4 chord: x6889x

Oh aeon
My baby boy
Oh aeon will take care of me

All the stars, your eyes
Raining just for me
Oh aeon will set me free

Oh aeon
My baby boy
Oh aeon will repair me

Oh his heart enjoyed 
Restores eyes alloyed
Carry me through the olden void

Oh aeon
His arms are warm
Oh aeon was never born

Aeon's eyes forlorn
He contains the storm
He's the pasture of my dawn

Oh aeon
My baby boy
Oh aeon will take care of me

Hold my father
For it is myself
Without him I wouldn't exist

Oh aeon
Love my father
For my father is myself

Hold that man
In your tender clutch
Hold that man I love so much

Jon Sebastian Frederiksen - 1st /March /10
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