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House Of Rising Sun Bass Tab

Bass line for "House of Rising Sun" by The Animals

This is an easy bass line to lay, it just goes with the lowest note of the chord!!!

Thre are two chord progressions in the song

1st one: Am, C, D, F, A, C, E
2nd one: Am, C, D, F, A, Em, A

Just go on playing it one after another throughout the song!!!

Now to the bass line:

Pick each note once, see the guitar tab for reference:

Riff1 (for the first progression):
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     Am   C    D    F    Am   C    E 	

Riff2 ( for the second one):

     Am   C    D    F    Am   Em   Am

It is just the basis, though the band played it that way.
If it is too simple for you try to improvise like my father
does while playing this song.

Cheers from preacher (