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Flesh Canoe Acoustic Chords

Tabbed by: arthur curry

this is from the Planet Claire sessions that avey did. or at least what i made out of it.

Tuning: E B E G# B E

these are the chords, i don't know if they're labeled correctly.


     A      D      E      G#     F#  

A             D            A            D
    Young red bird they're just natural feelings
                  A           D              A
i can't keep from changing my brains bending my wants with 
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D             A                               D
my rights are my friends still half right and should i keep them seperate 
from me it's unclear then i get a cold can i get a light 

there's a certain type

of easy pace that's what we need to make it..


       D            G#            F#        G#

then i talk to your breath and we enjoy the air 

      D             G#           F#         G#
and i creep on your chest to the hut i have where 

  D           G#           F#              G#
i pluck a few notes on the strands of your hair 

and i'm singing to you what to do if i'd ask you to make funny faces with me 

                     E   A
in the mirror of the bathroom.