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Father Time Chords

This is not my tab, I am sharing it on this website, and don't take credit for its creation:
But here is Father Time, By Animal Collective

Father Time: (transcription by Chocolate Boy from CA)
G, C 

Open up your locket 
Does solidarity breed from a good foundation?
Things speed out of date
Now you can be falling
And when you're up it's blown up

With all new buildings painted they're not your colors
And all the places you went to you don't get what they offer
But hey that's Nathan and didn't he pass a long time ago?

Where'd he go?

We exorcised the weekend
Now all the demons can't play but they snuck into Thursday
We're looking out for panthers from the road again
But didn't they pass a long time ago?
Where'd they go?
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It's not real
Oh it's real
No it's not real
Dm C G Em
Maybe it's only real when lightning landed and hit you right where you were standing
F Em Dm Em
Or when your imagination shows you what only time's supposed to tell you
Am C G Em F
And then I imagine time he's got real big hands and bigger pla-a--a-a-ans

G C 
From a long time ago
And did I remember suitcasing all the things in my head
And all the expectations of doing something special
I could be gone today
But where do they take me?


(Same as first) 
It's not real
Though my feelings say it's real
Maybe it's only real when someone blinds you
When they had always been so kind to you
Imagination won't get moldy can't wait for time to unfold me
And then I imagine time he's got real big hands and bigger plans
From a long time ago

G, C

There are none too small