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Doggy Chords

Track:  Doggy
Artist:  Animal Collective

e--0--                                                                     --0--
b--3---S                                                                   --3---S
g--4---- T                          ( . . . )                              --4----T
d--5------R                                                                --4-----R
a--5------- U                                                              --2------U
E--0---------M                                                             --2-------M

                     Dog       of       height      in        the        trees..

[ Tab from: ]
     e-----------0--                             --0--                                            
     b-----------3---S                           --0--S                                                                         
     g-----------4---- T            (...)        --5--T                                               
     d-----------5------R                        --5--R                                                  
     a-----------5------- U                      --3--U                                                    
     E-----------0---------M                     --3--M                                              

Won't you come down doggy such a sweet doggy/ I brought you your dinner..
Power chords or whatever:
 C      B      A     A       A      A   B      A       G
My    doggy    I    miss    you    kissing    from    my      !

         D                       G
I remember when i first got you doggy

And so on...