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Cellulite Song Chords

Cellulite song?


	G:   320033   C(add9): 032033  Am:  X02210 C: X32010 D: XX0232
	* same chord progression throughout song*

tempo: slow and sad?


Intro:  G C(add9)  Am C D

          G                   C(add9)  Am                      C        D
Instrument, of evil, here to depress the planet
You make me feel, like my body is made of solid granite
About a month ago I weighed my self, 115, I thought it was nifty.
But I was wrong, oh so wrong, I weighed in at one fifty.

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Cellulite, get off my thighs,
You?re gross and you scare away the guys.
Flabby arms, fly me away, don?t make me look
At how much I weigh.


Size 3, you belong on the rack,
?cause all you do, is ride up my crack.
Size 7, I wear you proudly,
Size 9, I?ll yell it loudly.



I step on the scale, the numbers keep on rising.
If I gained a hundred pounds, it wouldn?t be surprising.
It?s kind of depressing, the way things are going,
I just can?t help it, my thighs won?t stop growing.


Hey, if you have any questions or comments, or anything,
Write me and we?ll chat. Oh, if you are wondering, I do
Parties. 