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Gift Tab

The Gift
By: Angels & Airwaves

Tabbed by:  Jeff Martin

This is a fantastic song and very simple to play.  I will step up here with a 10-minute 
it sounds purdy goodÖ for a quickie!  Hehe

Standard Tuning, use heavy delay and set the timing right!

Opening and Verses: Listen to the song (close) for the rhythm.
(The verse is the same without the harmonics)

Harmonic = ( )

|-(7)-(7)-(7)-(7)- etc..-------------------------||
|------------------------------------11----------|| Repeat A LOT

A second guitar could play:
[ Tab from: ]


|---------------|| Repeat as needed

Chorus: (the 09 is just the 9th fret, I did that for proper spacing, sorry)

|-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-|-09-09-09-09-09-09-09-09------|| REPEAT!

Thatís about the whole song.  The rhythm is a bit tricky, so just listen to the song and 
will make sense.

Thatís a simple as it gets.

Enjoy, and I hope it's close... it was a rush job!

Please let me know about corections.  T.I.A.