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Happy Heart Chords

Intro: A

 A		   Amaj7    A7		     D
 There's a certain sound, always follows me around  

 Dm                   A		   Esus4	E
 When you're close to me, you will hear it  

 C		     G      Am              Em
 It's the sound that lovers finally will discover
 F                C                E
 When there is no other for their lover  



 D    E  F#m             Bm            E              A
 It's my happy heart you hear, singing loud & singing clear  
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        F#m                Bm          E
 & it's all because you're near me, my love  

         F#m          Bm            E              A
 Take my happy heart away; make me love you, make my day  

         F#m             Bm          E
 In your arms I want to stay, oh my love  


 Feeling more & more, like I've never felt before  

 You have changed my life so completely  

 Music fills my soul now; I've lost all control now  

 I'm not half, I'm whole now, with your love  




 It's my happy heart  

 Can't you hear my happy heart  

 Oh oh please take my happy heart  

 Please take my happy heart