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Magic Chords

Andy Davis - Magic

pretty easy song....first time tabing, but i liked it so much i had to figure it out. any questions ask...


Bmaj7  Amaj7  Fdim     Bmaj9  E** Em7   F#+aug
E|-x------X----------|---------7----7----  2  |
G|-7------5-----0----|---3-----9----8----  3  |
B|-8------6-----1----|---4-----9----7----  3  |
D|-8------6-----0----|---1-----9----9----  4  |
A|-x------x-----x----|---2-----7----7----     |
E|-7------5-----1----|-------------------     |

Intro/Verse Chords:
Bmaj7, G#m, E, F#

Verse 1:
Bmaj7                      G#m        E                    F#    (repeat)
I don't have a hat with a brim, And I look funny with a cane
Bmaj7                      G#m        E              F#  F#m   B7
Eleven times out of ten, I'll slip dancing in the rain, yes i do yeah

E                                Fdim                       Bmaj9
Even though my Sinatra isn't quite up to par, I'll try too woe you
E                                 Fdim                      F#
And like a movie in black and white, Tonight I'm singing to you
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Amaj7             E                 Bmaj7                  Amaj7
We should be in love, It could be magic, it could be all this and more
Amaj7             E                  Bmaj7              C#
We should be in love, Do think about it, Girl think about it


E**   Em7   F#+aug

Verse 2:
Bmaj 7             G#m   E                     F#
And if I hear the news, some of the dogs sniffin around
Bmaj 7             G#m     E                   F#  F#m  B7
I might rattle the screw and personally show em to the ground

E                          Fdim                       Bmaj9
When it gets down to it, I hear background music when I see you
E                                 Fdim                      F#
Open up for a minute girl, try to see things from my view



G#m (see below)  F#m               B7
I'm no casanova, but i'm an honest man
E         Em
Honestly, if you ask me


G#m chromatic run during bridge=