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Lucky Strike Chords

This isn't my tab. I just thought I'd copy-paste it here for people. Thanks to 
indieisfun123 at for this!

Intro:  G C E
         G C E D
Verse: G C E
          G C E D
          C D G G/F# C Am C D
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         G C E
         G C E D
         C D G/F# C Am C G

Bridge: G C G D G

Iíll never be the comfort
You lost when you were 9 or so
I canít fill those big of holes
But you knew that about me
I never want to wake up
Live in your faint memory
I want to wake up in your bed fucking scared
Pushing through the bullshit
And working on the nerve to speak
Iíll never fix your car
Find you another dead end job
So letís lay on this carpeted floor
And draw with crayons