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Sing To Me Chords

Sing To Me

Intro: G D Em D C G Am D
    Am                G
Starring at a photograph 
    Am               D
of where we used to be 
When the sky was bright 
and chrystalclear 
G                    D
and life was just a breeze G D
    E     D    Dm          Bm                E
Oh, well,_____there's somethings taking you over
(Same As In Verse 1)
You burnen all your bridges Am G
and left without a clue Am D
And you wonder why these memorys G F
keeps starring back at you G D
Oh, well, don't look over you shoulder E D Dm Bm E
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          G              D 
Sing for life, sing for joy 
           Em           D              C
Sing for every man and woman girl and boy 
         G             Am              D
Sing a song a simple melody 
          G            D
Sing out loud or just hum 
         Em             D                C
Sing for moments in the past and times to come 
          G             Am              Am
Sing for history and destiny 
Won't you sing for me? 

Standing at the station Am G
And you don't know where to go Am D
You're trying hard to hold on to G F
The world you use to know G D
Oh, well, don't let it get to you baby  E D Dm Bm E

Am         G         Am          D
Don't look back just keep moving on 
G                 F           G       D    
Get your feel and walk to a diferent song 
       E             D            Dm         Bm      D 
Don't care what they say just let the music play    Heeeeey

Won't you sing for me? Start on chorus chords(half chorus)

Sing for me D
End on G