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A Day Late Chords

This is a great song easy to play so i hope you enjoy.

                   Esus2           Esus4                   A2
So let me get this straight, you say now you loved me all along
                Esus2      Esus4                          A2
What made you hesitate, to tell me with words what you really Feel

Pick this for next two lines
D:-4---6----2----------|   X2

I can see it in your eyes you mean all of what you say

I remember so long ago see I felt that same way
Esus2            Esus4                A2
Now we both have separate lives and lovers, (and lovers)
Esus2         Esus4        A2
Insignificantly enough we both have significant others
Esus2 x3 A2(let ring)            Esus2 x3 A2
         Only time will tell,         time will turn and tell
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Esus2 E                      Esus2
      We are who we were then could have been lovers
      But at least you・re still my day late friend,
      Esus4  Esus2 Esus4  Esus2        E
      We are who, we are who we were then
      Who knew what we know now, could have been more
      But at least you・re still my day late friend
      Esus4  Esus2 Esus4  Esus2
      We are who, we are who we were then

A                        Esus2               guitar part after each
But thoughts may change and times they rearrange                        A2
I don't know who you are anymore                    
Esus4                  Esus2
Loves come and go now this I know I'm not who
You recall anymore
Esus4        Esus2                         A2
And I must confess you・re so much more than I
Esus4          Esus2                     A2
Can・t help but entertain these thoughts, thoughts
Of us together,


(Sorry don・t know the chords that go here  )

So let me get this straight

All these years and you were nowhere to be found

And now you want me for your own

But you・re a day late and my loves just still Renown

Chorus 3 times then end