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Sick And Tired Chords

Hi! hmm .. what I tabbed here is'n t the whole song.
It's the intro and it's played also in the chorus.

Why I could'nt have tabbed the whole song? well, I'm kinda still a rookie in this 
hope this is correct ..

Well, it goes like this.



Am        C          
  My love is alive |
G        Dm        | x3
  My love is alive |


[ Tab from: ]
Am      C           G
  Your love isn't fair 

      Dm         Am          C          G
  You live in a world where you didn't listen 

      Dm           Am
  And you didn't care

C        G
  So I'm floating 

Dm            Am
  Floating on air 


And that's about it, have fun!

(Tabbed by Yakir Rabinovitch)