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Nomad Chords

By: Anand Bhatt
Transcribe by: Francis Philipp L. Baladjay
Tuning: Standard Tuning
Key: Gm
Genre: New Wave Techno

Intro(Chorus): Gm-F-Cm(2X)-Cm-F-Gm-Cm-Bb

  Gm           F             Cm          Bb/A#
e--3--0--   e--1--0--     e--3--0--    e--1--0--
B--3--0--   B--1--0--     B--3--4--    B--1--3--
G--3--0--   G--1--2--     G--3--5--    G--1--3--
D--3--5--   D--1--3--     D--3--5--    D--1--3--
A--3--5--   A--1--3--     A--3--0--    A--1--0--
E--3--0--   E--1--0--     E--0--0--    E--0--0--

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    Gm                 F-Cm            Gm  F      Cm
I walked all over the world and I was glad to be alone
Cm                F           Gm               Cm-Bb      
Everywhere I take myself is a place I call my home
    Gm            F-Cm                 Gm            Cm
I wanted you to come with me, but it feels unlike a roam
   Cm      F                   Gm
I like it now, Now that you're gone.

Instrumental: Same as the chords at the Intro

   Gm          F               Cm
I don't know what you have to say
               F                 Gm-Cm-Bb
I don't know how far you will take it
Gm               F-Cm      Gm
Everytime and everyplace I go
           F   Cm    Gm-F-Cm-Bb
I feel so, so all alone

Chorus: Gm-F-Cm(2X)-Cm-F-Gm-Cm-Bb

   Gm          F        Cm     Gm-F-Cm
I don't care where you want to go
              F               Gm-Cm-Bb
I don't care what you have to say
Gm            F         Cm     Gm-Cm-Bb
I don't know where you want to be
          F       Cm               Gm-Cm-Bb
I don't know how far you will take it

(Repeat Chorus till fade)