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In My Defence Chords

Written by John Zree of Anaemic Mantis
Trnscribed by oolaa (matt cheetham)

Abm= 446644
F# = 224422
C#5= 444664
Bb5= 222442

In my defence I didn't know
In my defence it didn't show
Abm            F#
You looked so happy then
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In my defence look at my life
In my defence look at this knife
Abm         F#
I looked so happy then

C#5       Bb5
Try to defend it
F#                   Abm
Try to suspend the inevitable
Bb5                 F#
I wont try to defend it, oh no
Abm          F#
You are so beatiful
C#5            Bb5
Don't try to remember
F#                Abm
That week in September
Bb5             F#
Don't try to defend it
Abm          F#
Oh, oh, oh, no.

The rest is the same for the other two verses