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Anything Goes Chords

Intro: F 

    F                  B    C
Sometimes I wish I was born again
    F                              B     C
and saw the world through a childs eyes
  F                       B          
I want to be careless and free again
      C                 B
with nothin' but beauty within
      F              B       C    
Where every day is a special day
        F                   B        C    
and the future is something ahead
    F                     B             
the forest that you and I used to play
    C                           B 
the flowers are gone, trees are dead
[ Tab from: ]
F        B     F        B            
Anything goes, anything just for the moment
F        d     C                            B
Anything goes, something to bring dreams to life
         F           B       F       B 
Anything goes

   F                        B     C
If I could go back to those times again
    F                       B     C
I'd spend every moment with you
      F                    B           
Those beautiful castles we made of sand
     C            B

Chorus (2x)
         F   B          F        B          
Anything goes, anything goes

Outro: F, B