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Back To Black Chords

by Amy Winehouse

Tabbed by Sgabbo


Em  Am  C  B

Verse 1:

Em                     Am
 He left no time to re-gret,
              C                         B
Kept his dick wet, with his same old safe bet.

Em                Am
 Me...and my head high,
             C                 B
And my tears dry; get on without my guy.

Verse 2:

Em                         Am
 You went back to what you knew,
       C                            B
So far removed, from all that we went through.
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    Em                   Am
And I...tread a troubled track,
            C                   B
My odds are stacked; I'll go back to black.

Chorus 1:

Em                         Am
 We only said goodbye with words; I died a hundred times.
C                     			B
 You go back to her and I go back to...I go back to us.



Bridge 1:

Em       C,
G        B

Em       C,
G        B
B		B7
I go back to...I go back to...