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Troubled Soul Chords

Amy MacDonald - Troubled soul

tab by: blackbird88
thanks for chords: MissRadijs

tuning: standard
capo: 3th
G    :320001
Em   :022000
C    :x32010
D    :xx0232

Intro: G, Cadd9 2x


       G                                     Cadd9
Oh the sun may shine through your window on a summer s day
    G                                   Cadd9
Doesn t change your heavy heart skips a beat each day
          G                            Cadd9
You get a temporary high as you watch life pass you by
             G                                      Cadd9
Every single day you want to cry, can we wish those tears a fond goodbye

Chorus 2x:
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        C                 G
Aching heart, troubled soul
      C                                  G
I wanna tell you something wanted you to know
         Em                         D
look at these eyes, look at this smile
                Dsus4                 Em
They re gonna stay around here, for a while


Oh the rain may pour and it may fall
but still IŽll always hear you call
        G                     Cadd9
I ll be waiting , waiting for you
Oh your eyes so blue your smile so white
I think about you everyday and every night
        G                    Cadd9
I ll be waiting, waiting for you


instrumental Chorus

Chorus 2x