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El Shaddai Chords

El Shaddai
Amy Grant


F   G   C   G/B   Am   A#   G


       F           G          C          F
El Shaddai, El Shaddai,  El-Elyon na Adonai
       A#                   E             Am    G/B    A/C#
Age to age You’re still the same.  By the power of the name
       F           G           C     G/B   Am
El Shaddai, El Shaddai,  Erkahmka na Adonai
        A#                  G             C
We will praise and lift You high, El Shaddai

Verse 1:
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              F                    G                 C      G/B  Am
Through Your love and through the ram, You saved the son of Abraham
             A#            E               Am    G/B     A/C#
Through the power of Your hand, turned the sea into dry land
        F              G                   C       G/B    Am
To the outcast on her knees, You were the God who really sees
             A#                 G        C
And by Your might You set Your children free


F   G   C   G/B   Am   A#   G   Am

Verse 2:

             F                 G               C      G/B        Am
Through the years, You made it clear that the time of Christ was near
            A#              E           Am   G/B      A/C#
Though the people couldn’t see, what Messiah ought to be
             F                 G               C         G/B    Am
Though Your Word contained the plan, they just would not understand
           A#               G                F                G
Your most awesome work was done, through the frailty of Your Son

[Chorus x 2]


F   G   C   G/B   Am   A#   E   Am