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Lovesong Chords

Lovesong by Amiel

C Am C

1st Verse
C					   Am
Itís one thing to ask, why do we break up
			C				  Am
Have you ever, wondered why it is we fall in love
			G					F	
Can you tell me, do you know what it is youíre lookin for
		 C		    G		       Am
What do we need, can you tell me why I care
			C	       G                       Am    	
How is it that we hear, that voice that says, I want you there

C					G
Thanks youíve been fuel for thought
		       F		      Am		   C
Now Iím more lonely than before, but thats okay
		      G				   Am
Iíve just ready made another stupid lovesong  (x2)
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2nd Verse 
C                                                         Am
In a single moment, you might be perfect
         C                                      Am
And sit, in the wondow of my life
                       G                                                    F
But how much, how much more would I yearn to see
                                      C                             G                   Am
What would I strive to hide, now there will be no compromise
                                   C                 G                              Am
So take it in your stride, I will leave you now with a smile


F                                                     G
Look into my eyes, ours was no love sacrifice
Am                                                        F
Cos it has helped us to grow,  and Iím sorry I know just how far I have 
to go alone