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Why Wont You Stay Chords

Why Won't You Stay?
American Music Club
Everclear (1991)

A  (xx7655)
G  (xx5433)
D  (xx4232)
Em (xx2000)

(Guitar 1^)
(Guitar 2^)

[The 2 guitars continue this picking pattern for the whole song]
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A                G
Will this night fulfill all the promises
    A          G
And bury us in peace?
A                G
Will it leave us free and forgetful?
A                        G
Or at least bring some sleep?
D                         Em
Your eyes don't catch the little things
D                  Em
As they narrow on your fault
D                             Em
I'm checkin' your pulse, 'cuz you're so quiet
D                    Em
I'm kissin' you, but you don't feel it
G                    A
Why'd you do this to me?
G                A
Showin' me that all I'm good for
D               Em
Is to watch you sleep
D                 Em
As lifeless as an angel
A                          G
She was the most beautiful cloud
          A                         G
That ever passed before the face of girl
           A                           G
Seems like nothing's too good for this life
      A                                 G
Yeah, some things are too good for this world
D                     Em
And our names and our faces
D              Em
Amount to just spare change
D                 Em
The memory of us all
D             Em
Kept droppin' spare change
G             A
Why won't you stay?
G             A
Why won't you stay?
G             A
Why won't you stay?
G                A
Why--- won't you stay, hey?


D D Em Em D D G G

A                    G
A memory of a little girl
A                                     G
Who was far too much in love with the world
        A                         G
And who really didn't wanna stick around for the end
A             G
Why won't you stay?
A             G
Why won't you stay?
A             G
Why won't you stay?
A             G
Why won't you stay?

end on D.