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Built For Speed Chords

American Hi-Fi Ė Built For Speed

use capo on 1st fret

[E] ... Sheís on [A] fire like a rocket spinning out of [F#m] control
Try to stop her but you just donít [D] know
How to keep it [Bm] inside [D]
Can [A] you keep on turning out 
Iíll wait for my [F#m] turn
Same old story coz you never [D] learn
Gotta make it in [Bm] time [D]
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[A] She donít [E] know [D] what she [E] does to me 
The [A] girl got [E] soul [D] and [E] rhythm in between
I [A] crash and [E] burn [D] like every other time
[Bm] Sheís my little rock n roll [D] queen
I got a [Bm] girl like that 
My [D] babyís built for [E] speed [A]

Chorded by : Roithy