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New English Chords

New English i love this song iits KEXP version though cause the real version
hasnt been released yet also the lyrics probably arent right

Intro: F#m A B A x6

F#m             A  B                          A         F#m
Oh Collect the sleet collect the change and make it out of

A                           B             A
Buy here everything she needs

F#m            A  B                          A            F#m
She never moves just hangs around and counts the peasants

A                            B            A
Cherrys falling from the trees

F#m               C#m                B                A
And That Lonely Rain i know it seems a lot like heaven

F#m            C#m         B                A
Poor child dont stop hear

F#m               A        B                         A         F#m
This was only a way through tear soaked eyes and years of aching
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A                          B                   A
Cut the rope and drift away

F#m A B A x2

F#m            A   B                A            F#m
You must believe or make the curtain fall together

A                          B                A
Down the ally in the breeze

F#m              A  B                            A               
Dont look confused those birds are only pleased with feathers

F#m             A                   B             A                        
They'll turn you black and get you blue

F#m                   C#m      B                        A   
And I know their names it talks to me the pain of loosing

F#m           C#m        B                  A   
if someone else says game

F#m                A        B              A            
She's a notion away relazing in new english gardens

F#m           A            B              A
Pushing up the days a chain

Outro: F#m A B A x4

Im going to try and tab out all the lead parts soon