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Ambulance Ltd. - Anecdote


 Riff 1
 C           Am          Em  

Verse 1
C            Am              Em
 You pin the medals to your chest
    C               Am              Em
and settle down for seven minutes rest
    C                 Am              Em
You dim the lights, administer the cure
    C                Am                      Em
You tried it several times, you're still not sure

Em           F             Am
You take the first one for free
    C/G           D
And pass it on to me
  Dm      Am
I don't refuse
Baby if you only knew

  (Play Riff 1)

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Verse 2
    C              Am             Em
You take the lines from ordinary books
       C            Am                Em
You're disappointed in the way she looks
    C             Am                Em
You cut the circulation to your hand
    C              Am               Em
And calculate the motion of the land

Em       F             Am
Then you fall back asleep
     C/G            D 
And wander down the street
     Dm     Am 
that losers use
Don't say you feel the same way too

  (Play Riff 1)


Repeat Solo 3 times

Verse 3
    C                 Am               Em
You cut the worms and bait them on the hooks
    C               Am              Em
You cast a line towards the closest brooks
    C                 Am                    Em
You meet the girl who says she knows the plan
    C                 Am            Em
You act impressed and say you understand

            F         Am
Cause you'd like to believe
     C/G               D
That all that love is free
    Dm           Am
Oh, someone like you
You'll never be lonely, or get the blues

   (Play Riff 1 and solo to end)