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Here We Stand Chords

Standard Tuning

Two guitars, one for chords and one for picking


  Eaddb4  B  C#m  E

G: 8      4   6   9
D: 9      4   6   9
A: 7      2   4   7

Guitar 1 - Intro and verse:


(Play through six times for intro, continue throughout verse)

Guitar 2:  For intro, just back and forth on Eaddb4 and B; enter on third time through the picking.

Verse 1:

Eaddb4          B
Here we stand again

Another day has passed us
Eaddb4             B
With it's lack of change
     Eaddb4         B
And all we have is what we share
     Eaddb4         B
And all we want is someone else to be there

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Chorus 1 (just guitar 2):
    B                     C#m
And if the sun will set tonight
Hold our secrets up to the sky
As our shadows grow there's nothing lefty to hide
B            C#m
  And if you ever doubt
You will know that I still wonder
C#m                          B
How many times did I compare the stars to your eyes?

Chorus 2 (guitar 2 only): 

B       Eaddb4  C#m
We will make it through
No matter the cost we've gone this far
        C#m                                   B
Why not find out how it works out for you and me
      Eaddb4   C#m
We'll make it through

I thought we were lost
     Eaddb4             C#m
But somehow we haven't found a way
And I hope that we never do

Verse 2 (guitar 1 picking same as before, guitar 2 palm-muted):

     Eaddb4  B      Eaddb4
It's hard to get to understand
     B        Eaddb4    B
When all your lives are in our hands
          Eaddb4                      B
And don't stop when you've never been closer
      Eaddb4          B
Just 'cause you don't know what matters most
   Eaddb4          B             Eaddb4
So it won't always be so clearly right in front of us

(Chorus 1&2)

...And I hope that we never do
       E  B  C#m
Never do

Bridge (just guitar 2):

B                                  E
Doesn't really matter how it all began

Eaddb4               E                                    C#m
Got this far without knowing who we truly are

I will never doubt that

(Chorus 2)