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Senseless Song Lyrics:

Verse 1:
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I'll sing you this song                       
Filled with words that make no sense
Played with chords that never ends
Please just give me one more chance
To sing this song to you
To sing to you this song
This senseless...

Verse 2:
Never thought that I'd be
Captured by your smile
You rock my world, Without you
I can't imagine life
I close my eyes
Get enough faith that burns me
Deep down inside
So i pick up my guitar
And i sing this senseless song

Well this song i sing
With joy it may bring                
It's all about a story
Of a hopeless romantic fool
And for singing along
I will leave you with this song
Coz i may pass away
But this song will always be
With you

Verse 3:
You'll never miss the water
Till the well went dry
You'll never miss the moments
Till it pass you by
You'll never miss the time
While i'm still here
You'll never miss me
Till i disappear

Repeat Chorus:

Coz i may pass away
But my heart will always be
With you