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The End Is Not In Sight Chords

The End is Not In Sight (Russell Smith) The Amazing Rhythm Aces
guitar intro
E                  A                            E
Yes I knew it all along , I'd have to some back home
                          A                               E
'Cause this livin' on the road  , only makes me tired and sore.
                      C#m - B - A               E
Like a bird without a nest  , stranger in the night
                 A                                         E
And my soul cries out for rest  ,  and the end is not in sight.
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verse 2:
E                          A                                E
Takes like sweet magnolia wine ,  honey drippin' from your mouth
                               A                              E
And that sweet little girl of mine , she's the finest in the south
                            C#m  B  A                 E
Now the days are gettin' longer , nights are gettin' colder
                       A                                 E
I just wanna come back home  , lay my head down on your shoulder.

piano solo/ repeat first verse/  last line 3 times/ guitar solo/ end.