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Leeds Unites Chords

Amanda Palmer - Leeds United
From the album Who Killed Amanda Palmer

Standard Tuning
the chords for this song are;

D   C    G   A#  F
2   0    1   1   1
3   1    1   3   1
2   0    0   3   2
0   2    0   3   3
0   3    2   1   3
x   0    3   1   1
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we watch you
     C             G
your expert double x's
it's just like you
   C                  G
to paint those whiter fences
it's so polite, it's so polite
     F               G
it's offensive, it's offensive
it's so unright, it's so unright
       F          G
it's a technical, accept it
Who needs love
             F       G
when there's Law and Order?
Who needs love
             F        G
when there's southern comfort?
Who needs love at all?

the chord patterns are D-C-G and A#-F-G, just listen for the changes and at the end of 
'who needs love at all', hold the A# for longer untill the chorus kicks in with the D-C-G.

at the end of all of the D-C-G patterns, except those in the chorus, you can (it sounds 
to use a bar chord and shift between the major and the 7th (i think)(and back again) 

G   G7th ???
3   3
3   3
4   4
5   3
5   5
3   3

im sure you can here how it goes

Thats pretty much it, as allways, any questions, comments, feel free


**** if anyone can tell me how to correct the spelling on the title, it would be 
much appreciated****