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Date: Sun, 5 Oct 1997 16:16:43 -0400
From: Adam Klein 
Subject: CRD: Trust Me (This Is Love) - Amanda Marshall

Song: Trust Me (This Is Love)
Singer: Amanda Marshall

Album: Amanda Marshall

Chorded by: Adam Klein
Homepage: The Ultimate Amanda Marshall Homepage

Intro: A E A   A D E   Dadd9 A D A   A E


I look at this mountain

So many heartaches wide

And I can't help but wonder

D	    A
Where's the other side

I've got to be honest

D           E
I've got my doubts

These tears are asking me
            D              A
What's this got to do with love?
           E        A
Baby, I'll tell you something
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D                       E     A    E
To help us through this long, dark night


A                 E      A
When this trouble passes over

A              D    E
You and I will walk away

D                E    A
Knowing that our love survived

A	        E
Another test of faith

A             E       A
You and I can walk on water

A                   D    E
The river rises, we rise above

D                    E         A
It may not look that way right now

A                    E       A
But trust me, baby...this is love.

Love isn't easy

I'm torn, I confess

When a heart is uncertain

D             A
It's bound to second guess
This love won't forsake us

                  E    A    E
So dry your tears I promise you

Repeat Chorus

I'm here for you baby
There's nothing I want more

Our day is coming

A                             E
And we'll reach that peaceful shore

Repeat Chorus Then Add:

D        A
One more mountain

D     A what

A               E       A
Trust me baby...this is love.