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Marry Me Chords

Marry Me 
by: Amanda Marshall 
Tabbed by: Dave Kroetsch (

Intro:  E  A  E A6
I wanna [E]laugh        
Until I [A6]cry

Wake up with [E]you each day 'til the day that I [A6]die
Let's go to New [E]Orleans
And watch the [A6]parade
Take funny [E]pictures, eat jambalaya and drink lemon[A6]ade

[C#m]And when the day is finally over [Bm]
We stumble [A]home
Before we [Am]sleep
Baby, marry [E]me [A] [E] [A6]

I wanna [E]drive
'Til we get [A6]lost
Lie in a [E]field staring up at the sky 
While you point out the [A6]Southern Cross
And somehow I [E]know
Without asking [A6]why
That you love me [E]more in a minute
Than anyone could in a [A6]lifetime
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[C#m]Dancing in the parking lot [Bm]
While the band plays [A]inside
Sweep me off my [Am]feet
Baby, marry [E]me [A] 

[C#m]We don't need no preacher man
Readin' from the [B]Good Book [F#m]
And I don't want no fancy [E]dress  [C#m]
Ain't no ceremony for the vows that I [B]took
From the [F#m]moment I met you
I have been [B]blessed...

So let's make a [E]toast
And drink up the [A6]wine
Here's to you [E]lying here next to me
Until the end of [A]time

Wherever you [E]are
I wanna [A]be
And anything [E]that means anything to ya
Means every[A6]thing to me

[C#m]Sneakin' out the back door [Bm]
While they're throwin' the [A]rice
And they'll talk for [Am]weeks
But we're all we [E]need

So baby, if you're [A6]free
Marry [E]me...
Baby, marry [A6]me...
Marry me...[E]