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Ill Be Okay Chords

Amanda Marshall - I'll Be Okay
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Capo: 2nd

Intro: A

[A] Itís time to [D] let you go
[D] It's time to say [A] goodbye 
[A]There's no more [D] excuses 
[D] No more tears to [A] cry 
[A] There's been so many [Bm] changes 
[Bm] I was so [A] confused 
[A] All along you were [D] the one 
[D] All the time I [A] never knew 
[A] I want you to [Bm] be [A] happy 
[A] You're my best friend 
[A] But it's so hard to [Bm] let you go now 
[A] All that could have been 
[A] I'll always have the [Bm] memories 
[A] She'll always have you 
[A] Fate has a way of [Bm] changing 
[Bm] Just when you don't [A] want it to 

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[A] Throw [Bm] away the [A] chains 
[A] Let [Bm] love [A] fly away 
[A] Till [Bm] love [A] comes [D] again 
[A] I'll [Bm] be [A] okay 

[A] Life passes so [Bm] quickly 
[A] You gotta take the time 
[A] Or you'll miss what really [Bm] matters 
[A] You'll miss all the signs 
[A] I've spent my life [Bm] searching 
[A] For what was always there 
[A] Sometimes it will be [Bm] too late 
[A] Sometimes it won't be fair 

Repeat Chorus 

[A] I won't [Bm] give up 
[Bm] I won't [A] give in 
[A] I can't [Bm] recreate [A] what just [Bm] might have been 
[A] I know that my heart will [Bm] find love again 
[Bm] Now is the time [A] to begin 

Repeat Chorus 

[A] I'll [D] be [A] okay
[A] Iíll [D] be [A] okay
[Bm] I can't hold on [A] forever baby 
[Bm] I can't hold on [A] forever baby 
[Bm] I can't hold on [A] forever baby 
[A] I'll [Bm] be [A] okay