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Soaking Up The Sun Chords

This is my very first tab. Not sure if bridge is right.
 Alyssa plays it on capo 7 but thats a little high for my voice so i play it on 
capo 4 or even lower again capo 2.
 It's up to you.

If you cant play Bar chords for the chorus:

Instead of: G, Am , Bm, C, Bm, C, Am, D
Just play: G, Am, D, C (x2)


Em       Am   G                 Am              Em
     For now,     let's not make no big decisions

Am           G                            Am
Let's just ride this wave for a little while

Em            Am        G                  Am                 Em
We've got time,          and we're bound to have collisions

Am         G                     Am         Em
Let's not worry about it; not right now

Em                 Am           G           Am     Em
     Cause I'm here with        your love always

                        Am                 D
And I'm gonna keep it safe in my own hands... 


G     Am             Bm                    C    
Oooo     we'll be soaking up the sun

Bm                    C            Am                D
I'm in it for the long run, you and me together
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G     Am           Bm          C         Bm                           C               
Oooo       whispering in my ear, saying that you'll be right here

Tell me again and again cause

      D                                                        G Am Bm 
I'll never get tired of hearing it's forever! 

C            G Am Bm C
Oooo it's forever! Oooohhh


Em           Am      G                           Am                     Em
This took time,        and we've been scared and stupid along the way

Oh yeah baby!
Em        Am                 G                  Am          Em
But our love is getting stronger and stronger everyday (yes it is)

Em        Am          G          Am         Em
And I'm here with       my love always

                       Am                     D
And you're my shelter when the rain comes down!


(Don't know chords for bridge perhaps someone could submit them?)

Bm                  Am                                                G        Em
         I don't care what the people say, they don't know anyway.

Am               G                                     Em
Ooo! It's just me and you, there's only room for two.

There's only room for two.