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Hey Love Chords

Hello , it's my first tab .

Am C G D  (2x)

Verse 1
 Am   C    G     D
Hey Love, don't look so down
I'm sure in time you'll find
what you've been longing for.
Hey love what's with the long faces
I know you're probably feeling jaded
Like love had faded away.


Em   G    D   C   D
Don't think for a second that you have anything to do with it
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Em    C    G    D
So keep your eyes off the hands of the clock
Don't be so quick to fall in love.
Cause girl you're one of a kind no worries (don't you worry)
cause your dreams will soon be reality.

Verse 2
 Am   C    G     D
Hey you, I know it's been quite rough but your luck will eventually change. And 
you will love again.
Oh darling, don't let it get you down
cause somewhere around 
your true love will come around