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Speak For Myself Chords

Speak For Myself
Aly and AJ

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INTRO: AM D (The strumming is a little fast...listen to the CD to get an idea of how it sounds)

        Am                    D
Do you see me Ė do you care?
            Am                 D
You talk about me like Iím not there
             Am                D
Donít get a word in when youíre around
          Am                   D
I bet you donít know what Iím about
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	    Em     C   G    D
	Cuz I will, I will speak for myself
	Em       C              G
	What you see isnít all I am
	I need a place to stand
	Em      C  G    D
	I will, I will speak for myself 
	            Am            C
	Thereís so much youíre missing
            Am                        D
	If you cared youíd listen

You suffocate me, you drown me out
Iím tired of waiting without a doubt
I feel Iím fading, I flicker out
My heart is screaming without a sound


C   G
 	   C      D      G
Iím not sorry for who I am
Em           D
take it or leave it
C    G       C              G       Em
          Itís my time to take a stand
       Am          D
        Throw it or keep it
C                 Am
Know that, donít need to understand
Em		D
Wonít say it again

I will, I will, I will, you know I will (For this part, pick the chords Em, C, G, and D)