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Alphaville - For A Million
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Am            Dm
Oh, I love to dance
Am       Dm
Under an alien sun
Am        Dm              Am                G
Along the dunes with you, I kiss you in the sand
D          Gm
We give so that we live
C                 A
Beside the sleepy snakes
F             Dm              B              F#m
They dream of you and me when will they ever end
      Am      Dm         Am     Dm
For a million years they dream
      Am      Dm         Am     
For a million years they dream
G           D                      Gm 
And the fog conceals and hides and eats our souls
C           Am            Fm
Before they open up their eyes again
Dm            B   
How far we'll be
  F#m    Am   Dm ...........
Remember me

Won't stop loving you, although it seems to be
Our time is running out, I'm leaving you behind
No matter what they say, we'd never meet again
Our love is bigger than our lives

And we know that yesterday
The moon was brown
And that today it is black
And that tomorrow it is red
And we know that when we go to the sun
The moon comes along
(hello there!)
And the cows in the pasture graze
And we know that we know what we know
Is it truth?

Posted by drs
Amazing song!