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Everybodys Crying Mercy Chords

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From: Harlan L Thompson 

EVERYBODY'S CRYIN' MERCY- Mose Allison/ Bonnie Raitt

     A                F         E7
I don't believe the things I'm seein'
              A                  F           E7
I've been wonderin' 'bout some things I've heard
F                  G#  G
Everybody's crying mercy
            Bb              E            A
When they don't know the meaning of the word

    A       F     E7
A bad enough situation
Is sure enough getting worse
Everybody's crying justice
Just as soon as there's business first
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 F      E     F        E
Toe to toe, touch and go
 F       E                 D
Give a cheer and get your own souvenir

          A                 F               E7
Well you know the people running round in circles
Don't know what they're headed for
Everybody's crying peace on earth
Just as soon as we win this war

 F         E            F       E
Straight ahead, gotta knock em dead
  F           E                D
So pack your kit, choose your own hypocrite

      A            F          E7
You don't have to go to off-Broadway
To see something plain absurd
Everybody's crying mercy
When they don't know the meaning of the word
   Bb               E            D
Nobody knows the meaning of the word

NOTE: It was really hard for me to figure out these chords as this more
jazzy style is something I don't usually do.  Hopefully this will bet you
started though.

(from Bonnie Raitt's Takin My Time, 1973)
(sent by Harlan at